About us

X-Media is team with a passion for the media accumulating more than 700 years of experience at the service of the written communication & media sector:

What do we do?

Consulting, software development, integration, internet service provider for our Media customers.

Why choose us?

  • We are specialists in providing industry specific solutions;
  • We understand your business;
  • We have more than 700 man years of experience. We want to let you benefit from our know-how.


  • April 1992: creation of X-Media;
  • December 1994: X-MEDIA launches PUBLISSIMO and PRESTISSIMO on the European market;
  • 1995-1996: X-MEDIA develops STRATEGIES PRESSE, copy sales and distribution management system becoming the leading solution on the French market;
  • 1996-1999: PUBLISSIMO becomes the standard for the sale of advertising spaces in France;
  • 1999: Creation of X-MEDIA CONSEIL;
  • 1999: X-MEDIA acquires Insert Graphiques;
  • 2003: X MEDIA purchases the software suite DESC, and the associated contracts;
  • 2006: X-MEDIA acquires ATLANTEM;
  • 2006: X-MEDIA acquires BLACK MEDIA;
  • 2007: Opening of our capital to MBO Partenaires which holds 35% shares of X-MEDIA;
  • 2008: X-MEDIA acquires UNO3SETTE in Italy which becomes X-MEDIA Italia;
  • 2009: X-MEDIA takes control of PRESSERI;
  • 2009: X-MEDIA sell its shares in X-MEDIA Conseil;
  • 2012: X-MEDIA and ATC decide to merge. 


  • 30 employees;
  • More than 300 customers in 25 country and 5 continents;
  • Headquarters in Paris (France);
  • Development Center in Marseille (France);
  • Subsidiary in Milano (Italy).

Our Values and commitments

  • Knowledge of your industry and know-how in implementing taylored solutions.
  • Experience combined with youth and innovation.
  • Availability and responsiveness.
  • Acute sense of customer service.
  • Our commitment to excellence.