Lastest News

La Manche Libre (France)


IFrom April 3rd 2008, the French paper “La Manche Libre”, publishes a new free distribution paper for classified ads: “Le Citymmo”.
The team of X-Media from La Rochelle implemented AdPress for this new publication.
The paper adorns a specific presentation, and uses Calligram Pagination to flow the ads and create the pages in less than 30 minutes.
Both systems AdPress and Calligram Pagination have been installed within a month.
“Le Citymmo” is published in the French region of Rouen with a circulation of 180.000 copies.


Groupe Presse Régionale (France)


The French press group “Groupe Presse Régionale”, owner of ten weekly publications throughout France, has chosen the X-Media solutions AdPress and Calligram Pagination in order to optimize the advertising workflow both from a technological standpoint and from a sales standpoint.
The publications “La Croix du Nord”, “L’Echo du Tarn”, “La Voix du Jura”, “La Vie Quercynoise”, “La Voix du Cantal” and “La Voix du Midi” will soon benefit from these solutions for the management, production and pagination of their ads.


Secondamano (Italia)


On Thursday January 31st, the Italian people discovered the new look of Secondamano. To mark the occasion, the famous Italian classified ads paper Secondamano realized an important advertising campaign. The paper, Schibsted’s Italian bridgehead, was freely distributed in the subway with a new front page showing the classification index. This new layout was achieved thanks to the powerful page make-up system from X-Media: Calligram Ads.




Friday-Ad, customer of X-Media since 1999, acquired the classified publications Boat Trader and Yacht Trader in order to complete its wide range of publications. As a consequence, Friday-Ad becomes the indisputable classified ads leader on the boat market in United Kingdom, both printed and online. Once again, Calligram Ads will be user by the renowned group for the pagination of these two new publications.


Velay Presse (France)


Since January 2008, the free paper “Hebdo Velay” edited by the Velay Presse Company is produced thanks to the page make-up solution Calligram Pagination. The publisher benefited from the acquisition of the renowned solution from X-Media to change the template of its publication edited each week up to 37 000 copies and reduce its production time.
Soon, X-Media teams will also install the AdPress solution to manage Velay Presse’s sale of advertising space, as well as the Calligram Studio solution for the production of display ads.
In the future, software developed by X-Media should enable the production of the daily newspaper L’Eveil de la Haute-Loire, of the weekly newspaper L’Eveil Hebdo, of La Gazette de la Haute-Loire and much more publications edited by the company from the Puy-en-Velay.


Trovo Casa (Italy)


The first Italian press group – Rizzoli Corriere della Sera (R.C.S.) – renewed its confidence in X-Media by commiting it the production of its weekly classified ads publications of 24 to 112 pages - Trovo Casa.
Calligram's composition engine will be embarked on R.C.S.' intranet and extranet portals of ads entry in order to offer an instant WYSIWYG preview of ads.
Earlier this year, the press group had already chosen Calligram Pagination for its renowned publications: « Corriere della Sera », « la Gazzetta dello Sport » and « City » to manage the classified ads and obituaries sections.


Lavoro e Carriere (Italy)


La Pulce, X-Media's customer since 1998, acquired the job publication « Lavoro e Carriere », which comprises 3 weekly editions in the area of Roma, Milan and Turin. Following this acquisition, la Pulce decided to industrialize the production proccess of all these publications using Calligram Pagination. The production of « Lavoro e Carriere » which mixes editorial and job ads will be realized thanks to an additional license of Calligram Pagination and the legal ads module.
The first production is planned for January in Florence.



Expressz (Hungary)


Expressz renewed its confidence in Calligram, by extending the use of this solution to its “Seka” publication: a vertical free ad publication focused on the car market with great number of photo ads. Calligram Ads is used by Expressz since 2001 to paginate in record time “Expressz” free ads publication published 3 times a week.


La Montagne Centre France


La Montagne Centre France Group, already equipped with Calligram Pagination for the page make-up of its newspapers and with Publissimo for the advertising management, has chosen GAP (Global Ads Positioning) in the framework of a change in the format of “La Montagne” newspaper on January 2008. The use of GAP for the management of ad booking will enable all Publissimo’s users to know instantaneously the status of reservations and sales of an edition and thus optimize the sale of advertising spaces.


L'Echo Républicain (France)


Since October the 22nd 2007, the regional information daily newspaper of Eure-et-Loir and Yvelines, and, the free weekly newspaper Cible 28, published by the company Echo Communication, are now produced thanks to AdPress and Calligram Pagination solutions. From now on, the classified ads are not anymore entered by technicians but by hostesses in local agencies thanks to AdPress. As for technicians, they concentrate on the page make-up being faster thanks to Calligram Pagination. AdPress coupled with Calligram Pagination enables the optimization of the flow of classified ads, as much from a commercial point of view as from a technical one.


RCS Media Group (Italy)


The first Italian press group – R.C.S – has chosen Calligram Pagination for its renowned publications: “Corriere della Sera”, “La Gazzetta dello Sport” and “City”. Calligram will manage both classified and obituary sections, and the Calligram technology will also be integrated within the online ad booking system to generate instant WYSIWYG previews of the ads.


Concept Multimedia (Czech Republic)


Logic-Immo is a real-estate magazine published by Concept Multimedia (subsidiary of Spir Communication – France). In the frame of its international activities in Belgium , Switzerland and Czech Republic, our Calligram Pagination solution has been selected for the production of these local publications.


Loot (UK)


Loot (United Kingdom), is today one of the leading free classified ads support in Europe, publishing more than 100.000 classified ads every week. Loot has chosen Calligram Pagination for its great composition features to automate complex typesetting, and its ability to generate significant savings in paper consumption.


Buy & Sell (Ireland)


Buy & Sell, market leader in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland produces five weekly edition totalling 45,000 classified ads and 1,600 display advertisements. The integration of Calligram Pagination has been part of an in-depth restructuring of the company aimed at moderating costs, and improving the response to growing readers and advertisers expectations.


Le Journal de la Haute-Marne (France)


The regional daily newspaper Le Journal de la Haute-Marne (JHM) has chosen AdPress, CALLIGRAM Pagination, CALLIGRAM Studio and CALLIGRAM Editorial solutions for the redesign of its information systems. Since the edition of January the 30th 2007, classified ads pages (between 150 and 200 classified ads) are paginated with CALLIGRAM Pagination. Thanks to this software, the newspaper reduced significantly its production time. Indeed, the pagination of classified ads decreased from 2 hours to 30 minutes. The use of AdPress favored the centralization of ad entries by the sales force. X-Media thus whishes to make from JHM a representative window of what we can offer to the Regional Daily and Weekly Press in terms of ad booking and prepress.