Wolters Kluwer France

Wolters Kluwer, leader of the professional information services market, has chosen the X-Media solutions CALLIGRAM E-BUSINESS and CALLIGRAM STUDIO for its French branch, which owns 60 printed publications and renown brands such as LAMY, GROUPE LIAISONS or EDITIONS DALIAN. The advertising agency of Wolters Kluwer France will use Calligram E-Business for both the commercial management and the production, and Calligram Studio for the display ad tracking. This successful go-live covers the display ad and classified ad management for the reference site www.wk-pharma.fr , and for the following printed publications : “Le Moniteur des pharmacies” (Weekly), “Porphyre” (Monthly),”Pharmacie Spécial Emploi” (Monthly), “Pharmacien Manager” (Yearly).