Calligram Studio - Midi Libre


Challenge :


The MIDI LIBRE group, subsidiary of LE MONDE group,  federates three regional weekly press titles : 

  • Midi Libre based in Montpellier, 161 000 copies, 18 editions
  • L'Indépendant based in Perpignan, 68 000 copies, 3 editions
  • Centre Presse, based in Rodez, 24 000 copies, 1 edition 

Most of the ads are created in the prepress studios of Perpignan and Montpellier.

This fabrication requires the realization of numerous and complex tasks in very short dealys and do not tolerate any defaults: 

  • Receive and sotre the customers elements (logos, photos, texts),
  • Analyze the communication projects of salesmen,
  • Find archived ads, logos or illustrations forming the ad to create, track the material of the ads;
  • Create the ad with diverse DTP systems, respecting the constraints relative to the format and deadlines,
  • Create PDF,
  • Submit customer proofs,
  • Archive, Clear, Forward,
  • Etc. 

In 1995, MIDI LIBRE chose Calligram Studio to organize those multiple tasks and optimize its production.


Solution :

  The implemented X-MEDIA's  solution in MIDI LIBRE presents the following configuration : 

  • An Oracle server to store ad forms and pathfinders to graphic elements,
  • MAC OS 9 customers workstations, soon evolving towards OS X,
  • DTP systems: Multi Ad, Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator,
  • Interconnections with the booking system (PUBLISSIMO),
  • Interconnections with the editorial system (HERMES from UNISYS),
  • Interconnections with the classified ads pagination system (Calligram Pagination). 

The entire production is managed by  Calligram Studio

Batch processes carry out the following functions :

  • Quality control (coulor),
  • Reception of externally create ads,
  • Transmission of finalized ads (EPS ou PDF) to pagination and printing sites,
  • Transmission of finalized (BAT) for customer's validation,
  • Clearign, archiving,
  • Etc. 

For more information, please contact : 

  • Calligram Studio : Nicolas FROUGNEUX from X-MEDIA at +33 1 40 38 88 70
  • Customer : Bernard PHALIPPOU /Christophe COT from Midi Libre at  +33 4 67 07 67 07