Calligram Business - Ouest France

Challenge :


In 1992, PRECOM subsidiary of the OUEST-FRANCE group, asked X-Media to implement a system allowing to highly develop its market shares in the field of classified ads ( individuals and professionals ).

The objective set was to be able to enter, create, publish and invoice, without any additional costs ( staff, materials, software, network ) a number of ads multiplied by 4 ( from 5 000 to      20 000 classified ads per week ).

After the analysis, it appeared that this challenge could not be met without simultaneously equipping collaborators in charge of professionals and those in charge of individuals, those in charge of classified ads and those in charge of display ads, those from front office and those from back office.

It was thus decided to equip the whole  PRECOM sales force with  PUBLISSIMO V1, which represented at that time 170 workstations.


Solution :

From an initally decentralized architecture with 40 interconnected servers of agencies and central servers updated by replication of data, from 100% Unix platforms buil around a Sun Solaris and Sybase architecture, the system gradually evolved while implementing workstations.

Today, there are 600 users workstations, under Windows XP, connecting to two secured and mirrored SUN servers and likely to use at any time the  PUBLISSIMO V4' features.

The 20 000 classified ads set as an objective became on the long term 60 000 classified ads per week, booked by a call-center with 50 workstations, on the counter, via internet with an automatic integration.

The 50 Ouest-France daily editions and the 50 weekly publications of the group are  fed  in display and classified ads from professionals and individuals by the capillary network and the information system built around PUBLISSIMO.

Please note that OUEST-FRANCE also use Calligram Studio for the workflow management  of its display ads and  Calligram Pagination for the pagination of classified ads pages.

For more information, please contact :

  • Calligram Business : Alexandre PATIN from  X-MEDIA at +33 1 40 38 88 70