Calligram Pagination Rich Media

Calligram Pagination Rich Media

Discover the new module Calligram Pagination Rich Media !

Calligram Pagination improves and offers you the opportunity to develop your business.

This new Calligram module enables you to use Calligram file to publish digital content on web or tablets. One of the new features you have, thanks to Calligram Pagination Rich Media, is the ability to integrate into all page elements (text or display ads) a link to multimedia contents like video, sound, website, email address and much more elements to enhance your display ads.

Increase your revenues thanks to Calligram Pagination Rich Media without incurring additional production costs, using the same files as usual for print and digital publishing.

Click below to view an online demonstration :

It is working, automatic and already available for you !

We enteraly disposal to give you more information on Calligram Pagination Rich Media or to discuss about your future projects.

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Key benefits 

  • Productivity
  • Enhance your display ads
  • Increase revenues whithout incurring additional costs 
  • Easy to integrate

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