Calligram Pagination

Calligram PaginationCalligram Pagination encompasses a range of extremely fast and reliable solutions for automatic page layout. At the core of each of these solutions is the powerful and renowned composition engine: Calligram.

The Calligram pagination solutions have been developed by our typesetting experts together with professionals from the industries leading publishers. These collaborations made it possible for us to provide solutions that match the very specific requirements of each type of publication.

  • Calligram Ads is the fastest tools for the pagination of classified ads. It is used extensively throughout the world by a great variety of newspapers or classified ads publications.
  • Calligram Directory is a very popular pagination system for yellow pages and directory publications. The simplicity of its interface to existing back-office system make it a choice solution for smaller or larger Yellow pages publishers keen on saving time and paper.
  • Calligram Composition is extremely powerful and reliable and can handle very complex pagination such as: catalogs, database publishing, guides, time tables, dictionaries, etc.

Having served a very wide and diverse range of publishers for more than 15 years, our teams have had to cater to a great variety of needs. This strong and multiple experience makes both Calligram Ads and Calligram Directory extremely flexible and versatile solutions for automatic pagination.

Calligram Pagination is easy to use and easy to integrate

X-Media's developing team embraces the latest technologies to always remain ahead and be ready to take on the new challenges met or set by publishers.

We also strongly believe in adopting industry standards; this makes Calligram Pagination a truly open system that is very easy to integrate to third party solutions in short delays.

From the users point of view the intuitive graphic interface of Calligram Pagination make the page planning a piece of cake. Monitoring the plan of the entire publication on screen or zooming in onto a particular page, the page planner can arbitrate on the aesthetics of the page, and validate the layout in just a few mouse-clicks.




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Key benefits

  • Productivity.
  • Reduce paper consumption.
  • Push back ad selling deadlines.
  • Increase revenues.
  • Easy to integrate.
  • Automatic online ad composition.
  • Multi-alphabets (Cyrillic, Arab...).