Products overview

Calligram Editorial   Calligram Studio   AdPress    

Editorial system integrating the tools used by local and distant copywriters, dispatches from news agencies, sports results, layout of articles, page make-up, flat plan, texts and images database, integration and piloting of DTP systems.


Ad production management software dedicated to ad production studios, integrating the ad production workflow, piloting of DTP systems, quality control batches, ad tracking, Extranet access for sales team and customers…


Advertising system dedicated to the sale of advertising space (display and classified ads) integrating the booking, production, publication, invoicing, collection, chasing and integration with most popular book keeping solutions on the market.


Calligram Pagination   Calligram Business      

Scriptable composition engine and automatic pagination system for display ads, classified ads, directories, guides, dictionaries, integrating generic composition and printing services as well as specialized applications.


Complete cross-media system dedicated to the sale of multi-media advertising space (display and classified ads for the press, the radio, the television and the Web) integrating animation of the sales force, booking, production, publication, invoicing, and commissioning.


A web-based solution for self-service creation of estate agency ads and car dealer ads. QuickModule enables non-experts to create professional layouts without requiring page layout skills, and gives advertisers ownership of ad content.