The easiest Web-to-print solution for your property and car display ads. 

QuickModule is a web-based solution for self-service creation of estate agency ads and car dealer ads. QuickModule enables non-experts to create professional layouts without requiring page layout skills, and gives advertisers ownership of ad content.

Moreover, QuickModule reduces production costs and lead time by letting users manage content directly. Thanks to its ease of use and installation, you also lower the user training and maintenance costs.

Available over the Internet in a standard browser - anytime, anywhere - QuickModule does not require any additional software.

QuickModule is organized into two different task groups :

The administration tasks

Step-by-step process for template driven creation of professional ads

This restricted area is dedicated to the settings of the user's interface from the creation of the display ad template (number of ads in the grid, size of the module, logos, etc...) to the creation of the classified ad template (text options, frames, pictures, etc...). Each car template is linked to a category (car, real-estate, employment, etc...).

Installation of backgrounds

The administrator can setup the background images on top of which the grids will be positioned according to the users' requirements. Thus, the user controls his communication according to his strategy.


The ad booking can be imported from any existing booking system or some very basic functionalities of booking systems are integrated so that QuickModule can be used even by those who do not have a booking system.

The user's area

Import an XML file of classifieds

In case your classifieds are entered in a booking system such as AdPress or managed by a DMS (Dealer Management System), QuickModule offers a module of to import the ads from an XML file, which allows the import of the text and the photos.

The user has a stock of classified ads and images that he can validate or modify before the publication.


Ad Entry

The user can also type its classifieds directly in QuickModule's interface. Various ad templates are available for the user according to the chosen category or to his login.  Thanks to  comprehensive functionalities, the user can upload images with options for cropping and sizing, and can easily add a catch-line. 

Make-up of the modules

QuikcModule provides grids for the placing of single or multiple ads on a page. Thus, on the basis of the elements available (classified ads and modules), the user, by a simple click or a drag-and-drop, will create himself the the display ads and print it in a PDF format for proofing.

Management of re-runs & modifications

The intuitive user interface lets the advertisers create and modify their ads content quickly. Changing 1 or 2 ads in the module is done within seconds and the module is instantly ready !

Key benefits

Increase productivity 
Automatic online ad composition
Easy to integrate

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